Vendors at the Farm

Handmade creations by wonderful local artisans!

Anything But White-Tie-Dyed items
Barbara Doolittle-handmade beads
Bell Bottom Beverages-our own lavender ice cream, lemonade and Italian sodas!
Bowerman Basin Limited-handmade pottery
Clark Mundy-artisan in copper & wood
Art by Daniel Owens-spray paint art
Diane Eason-handmade tea cozies, towls, etc.
Dorothy of Oz
Enaminals-handcarving and hand painting glass on precious metals
Hipichiki and Scattergood
Henna Tatoos with Kali
Kathleen Wolfe-landscape oils
Laughing Cloud Studio
LSL Northwest LLC-handsewn items
Mary Kay Foundation-Fundraiser
Mary Lou Culver-hand painted items and handsewn treasures
Sandy Tweeds Acrylic Painting Gallery
Studio Martha Collins-three-dimensional works of art with exotic hardwoods and brightly colored veneers
The Hidden Alechemist-herbal infusions and skincare products as well as culinary demonstrations
Unique as You-fiber arts

Culinary Demonstrations:  by Sunny from The Hidden Alechemist

10:00 am-11:00 am: Lavender Crepes

1:00 pm-2 pm: Lavender Beverages

4:00 pm-5 pm:  Lavender Desserts


Music at the Farm                   Food at the Farm