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*Attention ALL Farm Visitors/Photographers*:

DRONES ARE NOT ALLOWED AT PURPLE HAZE. Please accept and respect this rule for the sake of our honey bees or you will promptly be hunted down and banished by the faeries.

Most Commonly Asked Question: “Is the lavender blooming?”

Our lavender plants wake up in April and May and begin blooming in June. They continue blooming through the month of July. By mid to late August, most of our rows have been harvested, but some species continue sending up  blooms well into September or later. In October, the lavender goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up until the following spring.

2024 Lavender Festival Update:

Folks, we know this may hurt a little, but Purple Haze Lavender Farm will be CLOSED for a private event for the duration of the Sequim Lavender Festival, 2024. Purple Haze will be closed to the public beginning Friday, July 19th thru Monday, July 22nd, 2024. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 23rd at 10:00 A.M. Whilst we are sorry to disappoint those of you who visit Purple Haze every year during festival weekend, we encourage you to seek out one of the local lavender farms you’ve never visited before, instead. Likewise, stay tuned/check back for other events/happenings/music we have are planning for this summer, we will be posting updates, here! 

2024 Lavender and Helichrysum Plants: 

We will be updating our spring plant selection soon! We will begin shipping plant orders the 3rd week of April (conditions permitting) to USDA plant-hardiness zones 7 and above. Stay tuned for varieties and pricing!

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS: We allow photo shoots to be taken on our grounds before and after hours, after an appointment has been made. Please contact us at shipping@phlavender.com or 360.809.9615 in order to make an appointment. Pricing begins @ $50 per half hour. We DO NOT ALLOW DRONES our farm because of our honey bees.

Order by phone 

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m



or email us anytime at shipping@phlavender.com

Locals: We offer pick ups! Please visit our online store to make a pick up order, give us a call or email us!

In the meantime, please visit our online store!

Spring Farm Store hours: 

11:00am to 5:00pm*
Thursday – Sunday  

*Often, we are not present in the farm store during the spring months. Please call or text us at 360-809-9615 before you arrive and we will warm up the store for you!