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Purple Haze Lavender is a 7 acre farm located in Sequim-Dungeness Valley of the northern Olympic Peninsula. We are one of more than 25 growers in the valley who are cultivating this wonderful and versatile herb. Our farm features a charming gift shop and summer ice cream and beverage stand, as well as some bees, and chickens.  U-pick lavender is available mid-June through August, along with all of our natural culinary and body care lines. Our ice cream stand (open mid-June through Labor Day) features several flavors of lavender ice cream as well as some great lavender-inspired beverages. Our Vacation Rental Farmhouse is available year round.

The Perfect Setting for a Lavender Farm

Lavender thrives here in Sequim because it enjoys the indigenous microclimate: low rainfall, mild winters, and a broad valley with open exposure. Jose and his crew have created a truly bucolic landscape comprised of multi-colored rows of lavender and helichrysum, softly framed by mature weeping willows and many other edible, interesting and otherwise delightful ornemental trees, shrubs, herbs, plants and flowers.

We are no longer a USDA Certified Organic farm but we operate using organic practices, and we always will.

When we purchased the farm in March of 2021, we were unaware that we would need to recertify the farm “from scratch”. Unfortunately, this is a complex and time consuming process and we were unable to get the necessary paperwork and inspections completed on time. We made the difficult decision to withdraw our application, as we were not able to certify this year’s crop.

We want our customers and partners to know we purchased this farm, in-part, because it was certified organic and had been for many consecutive years. The principles and practices of organic farming, production and processing could not be more important to us, and our dedicated staff has and will continue to apply organic standards, procedures and protocol to every aspect of our operation. You have our Purple Haze Pledge on that, feel free to ask us about it!





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  • Hello, we will be in hte area in September of 2024. i wanted to know when the lavendar will be at its peak and when is the typical bloomong season.
    Thank you and i look forward to being in your area next year
    mike howard

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