Drying Lavender

We’re excited to hear when people call and want to try drying lavender to make crafts or in culinary applications. Here’s some tips on how to dry yours:

1) Cut a bundle of lavender from your plant. When you cut each blossom, be sure to leave a few inches of green growth on the plant. Going down to the woody portion of the stem is too extreme. When you have enough blossoms to fill your hand, wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the bundle, straighten a paperclip and use it as a hook to hang the lavender bundle upside-down in a dry, dark place. The darkness helps the lavender retain its color, and drying lavender upside-down helps lavender retain its blossom shape.

2) Let the lavender dry for about a week until there is no moisture remaining on the stems in the center of the bundle. You can use it for dried floral bouquets or for making sachets or other crafts, wedding favors, culinary use, or whatever your heart desires! After about one year of being exposed to sunlight, the color of lavender, like most dried flowers, will diminish. Turn the flowers into sachet, and pick another bouquet from your plant to replace it.

If you don’t have a plant of your own, you can find dried lavender bundles and florets at our online lavender store.


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