Purple Haze Lavender

With the onset of Fall, it’s now time to start con…

September 27th, 2006 by purplehazelavender

With the onset of Fall, it’s now time to start considering the pruning of our lavender plants…all 40,000 of them. Jose does all the pruning ,by hand, with a plain old weedeater…it’s like watching an artist at work, as he shapes and forms the plants. We try and leave only an inch or two of THIS YEARS green growth on the plant. This really contributes to the density of the plant next spring….We’ve found that if we prune down into the woody portion of the plant, that that’s what we’ll have next spring; a woody plant….Lavender just does not have the energy to push new growth through the wood…so…be careful when pruning and leave a little green…..Jose and Isidro will also be planting new small lavenders this week in the south field. The varieties Provence, Grosso, Melissa, and Royal Velvet will be going in the ground. We have found it really important when planting to add some of my organic mix to the hole or AT LEAST a handful of steamed bone meal to get the plant on it’s way.