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A Birds-Eye-View of Purple Haze!

View of Purple Haze
View of Purple Haze’s beautiful Sunflowers-photo by Mike Hovis


Fall in the Pacific Northwest is always beautiful and the farm this time of year it has a certain peaceful quietness about it.  The lavender plants (thanks to Jose) have all been trimmed back into nice little balls, the trees around the farm have put on their coat of many colors, the apples in the orchard are red and ripe for picking and the birds are cleaning up the last remnants of the sunflower seeds. It’s just very serene…however, there really is nothing like summer on the farm and one of our wonderful guests took the time this past summer to take his drone up for a spin and share with us a “birds-eye view” of Purple Haze-so here is the result!   Beautiful… wonder all of us worker bees at Purple Haze love our jobs so much!  Just missing summer at little bit today……we hope you enjoy this virtual tour that will give you a view of Purple Haze from a little different angle.


Love this article on Sequim and why it is the perfect place to grow lavender!

We love this article on Sequim and why it is the perfect place to grow lavender!  There are many places around the United States that grow lavender now, but we of course we think that none compare to our little town of Sequim! As we 

Interesting article on Lavender Oil…..

We recently came across this interesting article on Lavender Oil and some studies that have been done on the effectiveness of using it for anxiety relief and sleep support.  Lavender has always been reported to be the “calming” herb, but scientific research seems to have 

Mason Bee Condos!

The other day I was finally able to place my mason bee condos outside for the first time. This is the first year I haven’t made my own mason bee homes and instead bought a commercially produced one from a local store.

photo of mason bee houses
Mason Bee Condos
In the past I’ve simply drilled holes in a block of wood and hung it on the south facing side of our house. This year though, we found some really neat bee homes that will be easy to clean and reusable from year to year.
With the decline of regular honey bees over the past several years, I began looking for alternative pollinators for our fruit trees here at Purple Haze. Typically, our trees blossom long before the honey bees are active so our pollination rate was very low. Mason bees, however, emerge from their cocoons in early spring and literally “throw” themselves into pollinating all available flowers and blossoms. While a honeybee will methodically place pollen on it’s legs for transport, the mason bee simply dives in, coating it’s entire underside with a healthy coating of pollen…this is why they are such prolific pollinators as they go from blossom to blossom, leaving a bit and taking a bit.
photo of bee
Red Mason Bee

While having these little bees around early is nice, they are also a gentle, solitary creature. It’s almost impossible to goad them into stinging and it’s a cool pastime to see them laying their eggs in your provided housing. These newly laid eggs will then provide one with future generations of mason bees in the years to come. The term “mason” is derived from the fact that after laying and egg and depositing some pollen for food, the female bee will then seal off the “birth” chamber with a wall of mud. She will then go out, gather more pollen, lay another egg with  pollen food included, and seal it off with more mud. This will go on for around 4-5 weeks when sadly, the bee will die. She will, hopefully, have left future generations of bees sealed up until the next spring when the entire process starts over again.

Mason bees are fun for the whole family. They’re harmless, hard working, can be observed up closely and will provide you with a bountiful fruit harvest year after year. For more information on raising mason bees try visiting …and have fun!

photo of be houses at farmhouse
Mason Bee Condos at Farmhouse
If you make it to Purple Haze Lavender Farm, feel free to visit our mason bee condominiums that are attached to the south side of the Farmhouse Vacation rental.

The Birds of Purple Haze!

As the owner of Purple Haze I thought it would be a great time to write about the birds of Purple Haze!  You see, coming up in April is the Olympic Peninsula’s Annual BirdFest.  It’ a great time to come enjoy and learn about the birds 

Mike’s Final Destination #10!

Destination #10! Whew!…we made it to 10. We love our town. We do….and we love our neighbors too. So to finish off Mike’s Top Ten Likes, I’d like to suggest to the wary visitor some special places to visit downtown. How can we do this 

Where to “eat” while visiting Purple Haze…..Destination #9

As we continue on with Mike’s suggestions on what to do while visiting Purple Haze we now come to a very important part of visiting anywhere-FOOD!  Hopefully these suggestions will make your visit to Sequim a “yummy” one as Mike lets you know Where to “eat” while visiting Purple Haze!

9.  Let’s EAT!

I’m proud to say our little town has come into it’s own with quality
eating establishments. It’s like we’ve grown up, foodwise. There’s
really no room here to list them all, but why would I?…some things
just have to be left to be discovered. On just about any late
afternoon or early evening you might find my bride and I at the
following gastric delights.

Picture of seafood plate
Seafood anyone?

Blondies Plate ranks right up there in our top three dinner venues.
Did you notice I mentioned it first? Yup! Fresh seafood and yummy
northwest cuisine is what it’s all about at Blondies. An intimate cozy
bar serves up Blondies famous Moscow Mules in a chilled copper cup. ”
Would you like a half dozen oysters on the half shell with that sir?”
Call ahead to have her save you a spot. 360-683-2233.

Not to be denied, another of our favorite dinner spots is at The
Dockside Grill at John Wayne Marina, just down the road from Purple Haze
Farm. When’s the last time you had a steaming bowl of seafood
bouillabaisse placed in front of you?  You can enjoy a portion of this gourmet soup while gazing out over the marina and beautiful tranquil Sequim Bay. It just doesn’t get  much better than this! Once again, call ahead as this is a really popular spot. 360 683 7510 .

picture of tamales


Sequim brims over with delicious lunch spots. I rotate through three
of them regularly. Jose’s Famous Salsa and Tamales ranks right up
there for the finest in Mexican cuisine. To give you an idea, when we
go to our home in Mexico, we take Jose’s Salsa with us. Try the carne
asada taco or my bride’s favorite, the vegetarian taco.We buy his
tamales by the dozen for super bowl parties. His place literally
buzzes with the sound, smells and flavor of Mexico. And yes, there
really is a Jose! 360-681-8598

photo of spring rolls
Spring Rolls

Thai food anyone? Right behind Purple Haze’s downtown store is a little restaurant called Galare Thai. Just an unassuming little building tucked away on a back street, Galare Thai rivals any Thai food I’ve ever eaten anywhere. Anywhere! It’s a regular stopping off
spot for my honey and I a couple times a week for our favorite, Tom
kha gai, a spicy coconut milk and chicken soup that makes ones eyes
water. Of course, we like it with 4 stars so it’s our fault. Another
fave for a “large” lunch is Asian Swimmer, a delectable duck dish that
will rock you world. I can go on and on but won’t. 360-683-8069

Oak Table Cafe

The Oak Table is all class! Our staff meets there for business lunches and usually
comes away groaning…with delight! Soups and sandwiches to die for
and the portions are, like the owner, Billy, huge! There’s a reason
there is a line out the door. You’ll never go wrong at the Oak Table.
360 683 2179  The Oak Table also gets our nod
for the finest, biggest and best breakfast on all of the Olympic
Peninsula. Try the Famous Apple Pancake; four inches tall and a
serving platter wide, you’ll be taking some of this baby home in a
box. Just Fabulous!!

Photo of burger

And if you want to hear the real “hum and thrum” of Sequim, stop by  the Sunshine Cafe for a grownup dose of super breakfast items and local gossip. Located right downtown, The Sunshine has been a fixture in Sequim since time began. Throw caution to the wind and try their notorious Pig Out; you’ll be glad you did!

What to do while visiting Purple Haze……Destinations #7 & #8

7. Shhhhhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone about this one! Just up from Sequim in the foothills is a magical place. We call it “two forks” but I think it’s proper name is Dungeness Forks campground. It’s where the Dungeness river and the Greywolf river come together. 

What to do while visiting Purple Haze….Destinations #4, #5 & #6.

We continue owner Mike Reichners personal “must see” recommendations this week on “what to do while visiting Purple Haze” with 3 more amazing destinations on our beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Mikes Fourth Pick-The Olympic Game Farm A visit to Sequim is not complete without a visit 

What to do while visiting Purple Haze…..Destinations # 2 & #3


This week Mike gives us his second and third pick of “what to do while visiting Purple Haze”.  The best part is that any of these locations can be visited almost anytime of the year and still be amazing!  So his advice “Don’t just save these trips for the summer!”  And the Farmhouse at Purple Haze is the perfect “home base” for any of these day trips!

photo of bird
Shore bird

 Mike’s Second Pick-Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Just a few miles from Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Dungeness National
Wildlife Refuge stills calls to us when we want to get a pure taste of
why we live here. Home to the longest natural sand spit in the U.S.,
the Refuge is where thousands upon thousands of sea birds, mammals and
marine life live out their days. The hike out to the historic New
Dungeness Light Station, one of the oldest lighthouses in the
Northwest, will not soon be forgotten. There is an entrance fee but at
$3 per family, who cares?..bring a lunch and spend the day.


Sequim Bay State Park

Mike’s Third Pick-Nearby Washington State Parks 

How can an old ranger talk about the area without mentioning the
bounty of Washington State Parks in the area? He can’t. Right here in
Sequim is where this old ranger finished off his career at Sequim Bay
State Park. Located right on beautiful Sequim Bay, this 92 acre gem
offers hiking trails, shell fishing opportunities in season, kayaking,
camping and much more. It takes about 10 minutes to get there from
Purple Haze Farm.


Ariel View of Fort Flagler

Two other Washington State Parks you don’t want to miss are Fort Worden and Fort Flagler.

These 19th century forts were built to guard the entrance to Puget Sound and today after being restored and preserved offer the public a huge variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. They both sport historical museums and Fort Worden has an unbelievable Marine Science Center. Miles and miles of hiking and biking trails are available, as is sweeping panoramic views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The both also offer camping and moorage sites. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get to either one of these gems from Sequim.


What to do while visiting Purple Haze… recommended by owner Mike Reichner! Destination #1

We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite places and things to do while visiting us at Purple Haze in Sequim.  A personal recommendation is always best and having served for over 20 years as a Washington State Park 

Three Days In Sunny Sequim

Need a quick getaway?  We love this article about Three Days in Sunny Sequim! Sometimes you just need a little break from the day to day grind, but all you have is a few days and what to do?  We might be a little prejudice, 


Whodunnit Poster
Whodunnit Poster
Whodunnit? Purple Haze Lavender’s downtown store will be hosting one of the clues for the 3rd annual “Whodunnit?” mystery. This fun adventure takes place January 2cnd throughout the businesses in downtown Sequim from 5:00 pm.-7:30 pm. during our monthly “First Friday Artwalk”. Make sure you look for and ask questions of those dressed up in costumes that will be wandering around downtown….they know things…..

The story takes place in the year 1936 right here in Sequim. Dignitaries from across the country have gathered for the dedication of the newly built Clyde Rhodefer Library. The Lady Helen Marquis (Jodi Minker), an eccentric heiress is on hand for the event. She owns a rare silver (stuffed) cat named Martini. The cat is always seen with a diamond studded collar worth thousands of dollars. On the eve of the dedication of the newly built Clyde Rhodefer Library, the cat has been “catnapped”. Our story takes place the night of the event. The cat has not been found. The question that must be answered Whodunnit?

The following businesses will each have game cards for playing as well as hosting the clues needed to solve the mystery. We invite you come, play and shop this coming Friday evening-great fun for all ages!

A Dropped Stitch at 136 S 2nd Ave.
Hart’s Fine Books at 161 W Washington
Sunshine Café at 145 W Washington St.
Wind Rose Cellars at 143 W Washington St.
Colors of Sequim at 139 W. Washington St.
Solar City’s Tesa Boutique & Tanning Retreat at 135 W Washington St.
Blue Whole Gallery at 129 W Washington St.
Purple Haze Lavender at 127 W Washington St.
Pacific Pantry at 229 S Sequim Ave.
Sequim Tea and Spice at 121 W Washington St.

Here is the link to the “Facebook Event” page for more info:

Special Christmas Gift Boxes!

This year for the holidays we have put together a couple of great Christmas Gift Boxes filled with Purple Haze Lavender products.  What a perfect time of year to send a box full of lavender to the “lavender lover” on your list!  Our special Christmas Gift Sets 

3rd Best Gift Shop in Western Washington!

We are pretty excited to have just won third place as the Best Gift Shop in Western Washington!  This is the first time we have entered the KING5 TV Best of Western Washington contest and we so appreciate all of you who took the time 

What do Purple Haze Lavender and Confiding in Martin have in common?

confiding in martin book coverLocal author Candace Murrow just dropped off her newest project…a romantic comedy titled Confiding in Martin that takes it’s lavender inspiration from Ms. Murrows visits to Purple Haze Lavender Farm!  This would make a great Christmas Gift or Hostess gift for someone who loves lavender and a fictitious romantic comedy!

The story goes like this……… a middle-aged woman who seeks to satisfy her own neglected needs find out that when she does her world turns amusingly complicated. The lead lady, 55 year old  Nan Marino, is totally content to watch her grandchildren, tend her lavender garden, take weekly walks with her two best friends, and keep a beautiful and  immaculate house. She also is rather fond of confiding in Martin all of her problems all the while lecturing him about leaving her for a younger woman! This probably is a good place to mention that Martin is her dead, ex-husband.  Her life seems to be cheerfully going along fine until she takes an unexpected trip to Kauai with her friend Myra.  This leads to her being taken out of her comfort zone and propels her into the company of Myra’s forty-one-year-old son, Jake. The attraction between them is palpable and inspite of everyones efforts to dampen her feelings, Nan cannot resist him, and her predictable world turns upside down when she tries to keep her love life to herself. Confiding in Martin is not only a romantic comedy but a story about a middle ages woman who comes to realize that much of her life has been spent taking care of everyone else, while neglecting her own needs.  And did we mention?  She loves LAVENDER and PURPLE HAZE LAVENDER FARM!

You may of course purchase this fun and light-hearted read in our online store or in our gift shop in downtown Sequim-all of our copies have been autographed by Candace!

Paperback, 260 pages

Vote for Best of Western Washington!

Vote for Best of Western Washington!

The Best of Western Washington contest is going on right now and we would love to win “The Best Gift Shop” category! For those of you who have visited our gift shop at the farm-you know you can’t find that view just anywhere! Plus you 

Webcam is back up and running!

Check out the new webcam we just had installed at the farm…the picture is so much better! And we still have a little lavender blooming!  

Vote for your favorite lavender photo!

lavender photography
Here are a couple of photos that we particularly liked! You can vote once a day everyday until August 8th!


Lavender Weekend is coming!!!! Get your tickets now!!!

It’s that time of year again at Purple Haze-get your tickets and join us for the best Lavender Party in town July 18, 19 & 20th. This year we have a wonderful NEW local Sequim restaurant called Blondie’s Plate that wils be providing our food 

U-Pick is now OPEN at Purple Haze!

We are now open for U-Pick at the farm! Our hours are 10-5 daily! And you can pick your fresh bundle and grab a yummy lavender ice cream cone at the same time! See you at the farm!

We have fresh lavender bundles!!!

purplehazebundle1Today we picked the first fresh bundles of the season!  They are our beautiful variety aptly named “Purple Haze”!  This plant is always the first to bloom and the color is amazing!

Lavender Weekend is coming!! Purchase your Farm Tour tickets early and save!

Purple Haze is excited once again to be part of Sequim’s Lavender Weekend (July 18, 19 & 20, 2014) which includes the 18th Annual Farm Tour and Fair.  Now is the perfect time to purchase your tickets because you will save up to 40%!