Tomorrow is a HUGE day at Purple Haze. We will cel…

Tomorrow is a HUGE day at Purple Haze. We will celebrate this day for AT LEAST 24 hours. This day only comes once a year but we all look forward to it. Tomorrow, folks is our General Manager, Vickie Oen’s, birthday…Wow!…Vickie has been with Purple Haze now for about 7 years. She assumed the Gen. Mgr position about 3 years ago and now we don’t know how we ever survived without her. She is a dedicated, honest, assertive, hard working employee, in addition to being a loving mother of two gorgeous girls and wife to her husband, Jay. It’s because of Vickie that I get to ramble off to my Mexican home each winter. Without Vickie in my life, it just wouldn’t be possible.

So tomorrow the Purple Haze staff will all go to the local mexican restaurant, El Cazador, for a celebratory lunch and party, counting our blessings for another year with Vickie Oen….thanks Vickie, for many years of dedicated service and friendship. We all love you.