Purple Haze Salad Dressing makes a great marinade!

phlavender_1792_37275Purple Haze Lavender Salad Dressing is a scrumptious blend of Canola oil, lemon juice, vinegar, tamari, honey, organic lavender, organic herbs and garlic, garlic, garlic….and did you know it makes a great marinade?
Just place your chicken breasts in a bag with as
much Salad Dressing (marinade) as you like for about and hour and then grill on the bar-b-que……yummy!

Specially priced at 20% off for the month of June!

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2 thoughts on “Purple Haze Salad Dressing makes a great marinade!”

  • Hi, we just rec’d our wonderful plants her in Illinois and they are in the ground and ready to thrive. I love the fact that you put in your information what are good plants for our weather, etc. What I would really love to know though is you make some wonderfuly food products my family would love to try. The only problem is we have an intolerence to wheat/gluten products. Is there anyway to replace just the vinegar with an apple cider vinegar? If you could do that all of us could not only buy dressings, mustards, etc. but so much more!! Lavendar is a great seasoning and a great addition to cooking. However, those customers who have celiac disease, wheat intolerence, etc. would also be able to purchase your items. If they are made in batches I think you would get a LOT of business as so many of us are cutting out processed foods and looking for true organic wheat and dairy free products. Thanks for listening. A Sincere Fan, Jonna A Boelke

  • Took me 2 years to discover what a great marinade this makes!! Major yummy! You can also toss asparagus spears, potato chunks, and who-knows-what-else with the salad dressing before grilling. May just have to do that tonight.

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