What do Purple Haze Lavender and Confiding in Martin have in common?

confiding in martin book coverLocal author Candace Murrow just dropped off her newest project…a romantic comedy titled Confiding in Martin that takes it’s lavender inspiration from Ms. Murrows visits to Purple Haze Lavender Farm!  This would make a great Christmas Gift or Hostess gift for someone who loves lavender and a fictitious romantic comedy!

The story goes like this……… a middle-aged woman who seeks to satisfy her own neglected needs find out that when she does her world turns amusingly complicated. The lead lady, 55 year old  Nan Marino, is totally content to watch her grandchildren, tend her lavender garden, take weekly walks with her two best friends, and keep a beautiful and  immaculate house. She also is rather fond of confiding in Martin all of her problems all the while lecturing him about leaving her for a younger woman! This probably is a good place to mention that Martin is her dead, ex-husband.  Her life seems to be cheerfully going along fine until she takes an unexpected trip to Kauai with her friend Myra.  This leads to her being taken out of her comfort zone and propels her into the company of Myra’s forty-one-year-old son, Jake. The attraction between them is palpable and inspite of everyones efforts to dampen her feelings, Nan cannot resist him, and her predictable world turns upside down when she tries to keep her love life to herself. Confiding in Martin is not only a romantic comedy but a story about a middle ages woman who comes to realize that much of her life has been spent taking care of everyone else, while neglecting her own needs.  And did we mention?  She loves LAVENDER and PURPLE HAZE LAVENDER FARM!

You may of course purchase this fun and light-hearted read in our online store or in our gift shop in downtown Sequim-all of our copies have been autographed by Candace!

Paperback, 260 pages

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