Purple Haze Lavender

The entire crew is here this morning early, (6 am)…

July 25th, 2006 by purplehazelavender

The entire crew is here this morning early, (6 am), for harvest..Kent has already gotten the still fired up and will be cranking out his first batch of helichrysum oil of the day in just a short time. Jose is harvesting more helichrysum in the south field…it’s kind of sad to see this wonderful bright yellow flower disappear from our fields but it’s sooo valuable to us once it’s in a bottle. Kent really draws a crowd with his distilling expertise; many questions from the public…..so…I will leave for my home in Mexico a week from today to get the construction process going…I will only have a week to organize as I must get back here to finish distilling lavender throughout the summer…but…it will be a nice break from the run, run, run schedule that we experience here everyday.