Purple Haze Lavender

Yesterday was so hot, (mid nineties), that i pulle…

July 23rd, 2006 by purplehazelavender

Yesterday was so hot, (mid nineties), that i pulled the harvesting crew out of the fields as i was fearing heatstroke, sunstroke, or just plain stroke…SO searing hot and us “northerners” just arent used to it…will will start a dawn tomorrow morning and harvest helichrysum and lavender until 10 oclock or so…or however long the crew can take it…My friend, Kent McKay is coming tomorrow to distill helichrysum all this week…it us SO beautiful right now as it is in full bloom…a shame to cut it all off…but…we really need the oil…..the tourists continue to come in droves and the parking lot was full all day yesterday until way after closing hours…i LOVE it!!