It’s been too long now since I’ve checked in…m…

It’s been too long now since I’ve checked in…my blogger was “broken” for almost two weeks so took that time to do some fishing out on the west end of the peninsula. My daughter from Eugene, Oregon visited the farm with the mountaineering club she runs down there…they had just finished a hike from the mouth of the Hoh River to La Push then a 5 day-er up into 7 lakes basin. …..My farm manager, jose, and his crew took time out from their long days on the farm to cook me up a fabulous carne asada and rib dinner one day…sure was fabulous with lots of Pacifico cerveza…needless to say, it was a short day….All of the lavender is now harvested and the distiller is put away for another year….whew!…SO nice to get that done!…the seasonal crew are all headed back to school and we are preparing the farm for winter. While I’m still physically here, my mind is down south at my casa in mexico. Hurricane John is roaring down on my little town and it concerns me that there might be damage occurring over the next couple of days…all we can do at this point is keep our fingers crossed…so…off on a bike ride to start my day.

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  • Hi, i¬¥m Mauricio from Argentina, congratulations on your place and blog and sorry about my poor english.
    For a long time i was searching for some web page or text describing the lavender destillation process and never found it.
    Could you recommend any?? Could you put some photos and specific data in your blog ???
    Thank you very much and congratulations again. I can say is the best lavender farm I ever found in the web.
    regards from Patagonia and PLEASE catch & release (jajaja).

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