Staff continues to defoliate lavender here on the …

Staff continues to defoliate lavender here on the farm and a select crew is making bundles like mad. All are shipped out as soon as they are arranged and it’s a struggle to keep up with orders…People LIKE our bundles….When we first started making bundles many years ago, we committed to constructing the biggest and most beautiful ones on the planet…it’s really paid off and now we sell everyone we have in a very short time…….on another front…Our farm manager, Jose, has his birthday today and it’s tradition at Purple Haze to throw a party for birthday folks…with Jose it’s more difficult as he doesn’t like all the attention…so….. the crew will go decorate his house as he toils in the field….there’s no escaping the wrath of PH’s “Birthday Revelers”….We also got him a gift card from Home Depot…love the guy……Me; I put about 70 pounds of fresh chinook salmon in the smokehouse today and will monitor it until late tonight when it should be finished…then the daunting task of vacuum packing it all….yummy stuff for the holiday season…….Word is still trickling in regarding my mexican home that was destroyed by hurricane John…..none of the news is good, however, and I’m accruing many items to take down for the locals; shoes, clothes, blankets, hospital supplies, etc…my truck will be full to the top….

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  • Rosemary,
    Good morning… you should be good to go now on the video!
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Purple Haze Crew

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