Off to mexico!

Everything seems to be in order at the farm due to my WONDERFUL staff…so…off I head to my casa in Mexico for more rebuilding. I will return next month for the season but would love to get this house in order down there; the first story is up and now we concentrate on getting the second story in place….the farm is just asleep; all the plants are pruned and most of the windfall is cleaned up…thanks to jose and his diligent work ethic…geez, has this been a horrific winter for rain and wind or what?….we will be offering early plant orders this next month and I encourage all who wish to put lavender into their landscape to order early as the orders in the upcoming months are pretty overwhelming. We will file the orders chronologically and deliver as we receive them so; first come, first served…we just sent out our Valentine’s Special yesterday so you might want to check our website for a gift that will tell that special “someone” just how much you love her/him….always check back to our site for any and all questions you might have in dealing with your “problem” lavender…we have the answers…we really do…good luck and blast into your new year with gusto…mike

2 thoughts on “Off to mexico!”

  • Mike, Make room for us in Mexico – I’m tired of this weather! HA!

    We are looking forward to some sunshine and Lavender Festival this year.

    Sounds like all is well with you! Keep up the good job!


  • Hi Mike,
    Hope to see you in Mexico. We’ll be at Punta Colorada May 21-28.

    Hopefully we can get together for pizza and beer and talk John into another “Magic Show”.

    Take Care,


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