Aveda is selling our lavender bundles!

We were fortunate this past week to partner with salon/spa giant Aveda. In a move to raise money to insure clean water in our Columbia River System, Aveda is ramping up a fund raising campaign by selling our lavender bundles in their downtown Seattle store. All proceeds from the sale will be used to insure a long life for that beautiful piece of water down south in our state. Purple Haze was happy to donate the lavender bundles for this worthy cause.


With April rapidly approaching, the ladies of Purple Haze are busy cleaning and arranging the drying shed for an April 1st opening of the farm. It is just amazing every year how my wonderful staff can put it together and have it looking gorgeous in such a short time. For the opener this year we will have a fabulous selection of lavender plants available plus all of PH’s other products.

Yesterday found me on my hands and knees in my garden planting the first veggies of the year; sugar and chinese peas, a variety of salad greens, arugula and two types of spinach