New web cam

We’ve installed a new web cam here at the farm. We’re gonna call it “lavcam” and hope to get it on many sites around the NW. It should be installed on our site in a week or so…now the public can watch the lavender grow in real time. Jose was instrumental in the installation of the camera in the upstairs window of the drying shed. Once again he showed his expertise in getting things done……

I spent the weekend in Neah Bay at some brand new cabins RIGHT ON the beach. The location is just to die for. It’s called Hobuck Beach RV and cabins. It’s just a wonderful location and I’m sure in a short time they will be booked all the time. I took some random shots of the cabins to show you their uniqueness…

At the farm we continue to plant lavender, replacing the old varieties. The fields are just about full now and we will start to weed in earnest, getting ready for the farm to open on April 1

A couple of weeks ago, we were visited by Paul and Jacqui Abbot, owners of Isle of Wight Lavender farm in England. It’s England’s largest lavender farm with over 600 varieties under cultivation. Paul and I hope to start exchanging cultivars in the near future.

Anyway, here’s a couple of shots of the cabins at Neah Bay…just beautiful