Whew! The annual lavender festival is over!

….and we made it fairly unscathed. Even with the rain all three days people turned out in droves to enjoy the food and music, the ice cream and lavender margueritas. Out of six bands, Geoffrey Castle was our headliner at Purple Haze and he just WOW’ed the crowd with his electronic violin. Don’t ever miss the chance to see this incredible man perform.

The people really seemed to enjoy themselves wandering the farm, tasting the cuisine,(lunch was catered by The Bushwacker Restaurant), and checking out the various vendors scattered around on the lawn and in the orchard.

Now, harvest has begun and we will dry bundles of lavender and distill essential oil for the next month or so. Jose and his crew will be working from just after daylight until around 3 in the afternoon cutting and hauling lavender to our various lavender drying barns.

In tomorrows blog I’ll try and include some photos of some really cute babies and kids we saw at the festival…..now….back to workp1010077.JPGp1010077.JPG