Whew! What a party!

Well, judging from the crowds, this Lavender Festival is bigger and better than ever; super music, great food, incredible artisan vendors, and tons of happy people.  Cars were stacked up clear down the road last night still at 4pm and the music was still rocking. Six bands in all played at the farm yesterday and they were all just unbelievable! “Final Approach” started their set at 10am and we finished up with “Copernicus Twist” at 7pm or so. The crowds were huge this year and we can only anticipate that it will continue today. Cisco Morris aired his weekly tv show yesterday morning on KING 5  that he filmed here at Purple Haze last week. We’ve got a feeling that this exposure will increase the crowds to the farm today, the last day of the annual festival. We start harvesting in earnest this next week and will continue to stay open to the public everyday throughout the summer. Bring em on!