Just a frog

I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this tiny frog perched on our basil plants in our greenhouse. The photo just doesn’t do the golden coloring of this little critter justice but still it’s a cool shot.

3 thoughts on “Just a frog”

  • Loved this pic of the cute frog on the basil plant. And what a quick reaction the photographer had to snap it! The Lavender Farm looks so inviting. I enjoy cooking with your Herbs de Provence very much.

  • Love the pic! Also loved your farm. I was visiting recently and was happily brought to your place by my friend Pat Quinet. I live in WV and thought that it was green here. But the green in Washington and the lovely colors on the farm was breathtaking. Thanks for being there so the world can visit you. Hope to return someday. Laurie

  • Hi, Im interested in purchasing some lavender plants. What size plant will be shipped for $4?


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