The farm is up now open Monday through Friday.

The farm is up and running now and open Friday through Monday for the rest of the month. We then go to 7 days a week starting Memorial Weekend. The hours for now are 10-4. Our new webcam is getting a lot of attention. It’s pretty cool to watch the lavender grow in “real time”..

I travel to Saskatoon in a week to speak at an International Conference sponsored by the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association. It joins together the Natural Health Products Research Society of Canada and The Canadian Herb, Spice, and Natural Health Products Coalition. I presented in Saskatoon several years ago and found this organization to be incredibly knowledgeable and extremely interesting.

3 thoughts on “The farm is up now open Monday through Friday.”

  • Am looking for the directions for making Lavendar Wands that you used to have on your website. Was at the farm on Sat, 6/30/07 and forgot to pick up a copy there.
    We brought my In-Laws and cut a few bundles. We tried the Lavendar Ice Cream; the white chocolate, it was OK, the lemon was better! Also bought a Ladies tank, they run a little small, bought a med and will have to hang-dry or it will shrink and be too small. Should have bought a large!
    Loved the Farm!

  • I notice on the web cam that the fields are turning purple. Was wondering how warm it is? And do you have ice cream and lavender lemonade in the beverage stand yet? I will be coming by soon and hope you do!

  • everything is up and running now…ice cream, lemonade, u pick and a wonderfully fragrant experience…see you when you get here

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