Summer is in full swing

This final week before the annual festival finds us all in a dead run as tourists are showing up early and staying late. Our U-pick fields were packed with eager pickers this past week and the colors of the different varieties of lavenders are just spectacular now. All of the English varieties are in full bloom and the Intermediates are only about a week off. Jose and his crew have got the farm looking really, really good and Staci has got the new seasonal staff running smoothly.

A couple exciting things from last week; Our first shipment of our gift boxes went out to Sequim’s Costco store and are selling well there. Also, Tully’s Coffee started selling lavender mochas made with Purple Haze’s lavender sugar.

This week will be trying for the crew here as there is almost no “downtime” now until after the festival. We are fortunate to have the people working for us that we do.

The summer classes are filling up as expected and we might have to add new ones as time goes on.

2 thoughts on “Summer is in full swing”

  • Hooray for Purple Haze Lavender Farm. We visited during the festival and yours was our favorite farm. The grounds are gorgeous and it was great to see the owners enjoying the music and festivities, too. Your farm seems to attract very genuine and nice people. PS: Your lavender lemon soap is amazing, as is the essential oil from your grosso plants, oh, and can’t forget the lavender tangerine soap – my favorite! You guys rock – can’t wait to visit again.

  • Went into a Tully’s store and there was a giant poster talking about lavender mochas. Had one and it was awesome! Must be because of your great lavender sugar, I am sure glad they picked it up to top their drinks.

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